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Good Smelling Equals MORE Selling

Reminiscing about how much I loved coming home from school to the scent of Mom’s baking, I wanted to give my kids the same experience.  I timed it so the chocolate chip cookies would be warm and ready to eat when they walked in the door.  While smelling the cookies as they baked, I was reminded of when my husband and I were in the market to buy a home five years ago.  Some homes had no scent at all, some smelled nice, and some had very unpleasant scents.  The funny thing is it’s the homes with the very nice or very bad scents that we remember most.  One homeowner was at home cooking while we were viewing her house.  She probably loved the scent of her dish, but it was hard for us to take.  While it shortened our visit there, I still remember that house very well years later.  Everything about it was nice, except the smell.

            Looking back, I realize that scents have a powerful effect on our experiences and on the decisions we make.  Even if the home had great curb appeal and was nice on the inside, we walked away because it had unpleasant smells.  Sometimes we don’t realize that the unpleasant scents exist because we’re so used to them.  These scents could be from various things like cooking herbs and seasonings, pets, garbage cans, musty pipes, even diaper genies which aren’t perfect.  I remember getting a call from the realtor who wanted to bring a potential buyer over within twenty minutes to view the home.  I scrambled to get my infant triplets’ diapers changed and get out of the house in time for their arrival.  I was so worried that the scent of dirty diapers would linger in their bedroom while the guests were viewing it.  If only I had known about Scentsy wickless warmers then.  I would have had one in my kitchen and one in the nursery.  I would have left the house stress-free and felt confident that the potential buyers would stay longer, want to come back, and maybe even make an offer. 

You certainly shouldn’t light a scented candle and leave your home.  Thankfully, there’s a safer alternative.  Scentsy makes a ceramic warmer that melts scented wax by the heat of a small light bulb.  There’s no wick, so they are safe unattended even if left on for hours and forgotten.  They come in many different styles and are attractive to look at.  Scentsy has basic scents that are generally pleasing to everyone like sugar cookie and clean, laundry scents.  Everyone oohs and ahhhs over the sugar cookie scent and asks where the bakery is when I’m at a craft show.  I’ve learned to set out a small plate of sugar cookies near the warmer since their mouths are watering from the scent.  If you turn it on about 30 – 60 minutes before an open house or scheduled appointment, it would be in full effect.  Your guests will remember the house – positively!

            To see the warmers and smell the over 80 sample scents, please email me at or call me at 734-956-0747 to schedule an appointment.  My website is where you can view the many warmers – plug-in, medium, and full-sized.  Orders can be placed online. 

Kristine Barnes

Certified Scentsy Consultant

May 2011

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Posted by Gordon - May 25, 2011 at 10:22 AM

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Prevent Garage Break-Ins

This video demonstrates how simple it is to break into a garage that has a garage door opener installed. ..... One of the most disturbing things about this is how quietly the theif can break in, if you were in the house you may never hear them getting into your garage and possibly your house. There is a quick and simple solution to prevent this method of break in.


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Posted by Gordon - January 2, 2011 at 12:53 PM

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